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Hello Good People, I'm Irvin!

Experienced Freelancer

A little about me I do Technical Support, Website designs and graphics. Anything else i find it and connect you, good quality, reliable and affordable services only. For more of my services visit Get A Solution or just call me.

Some of my Projects

Desktop Support
New Lecturer Meeting
Best 1

PC Repairs and Parts

I support and fix all brands,
including selling accessories.

Network Support
Online Teaching
Best 2

Switches and Routers

Installations and configurations
for home and businesses.

Web & Digital Designs
Higher Education
Best 3

Digital & Websites

Web development and graphic
designs for advertisements and more.

Laptop Support
Student Training
Best 4

Laptop Repairs and Parts

I fix and also sell laptop
parts and accessories.


Full-stack developer, CSS3, SCSS, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, JQuery, Javascript, JSON, AJAX, PHP 7.4 and Java. These are the languages to boost your confidence in web development.


This includes all sections of networking, cabling (types, crimping and testing), switches and routers (connections and configurations), firewalls, architectures, wireless and subnettings.

How did I know how to code?

When I started I thought It was hard (being the person who enjoys challenges) but knowing the basics, I then realized It wasn't hard at all. There are few free websites those that can teach you how to code but you first need to be hungry for it. I am here to help anyone who want to become a programmer.

Why do I love technology?

From a very young age I always considered technology as my toys to play with, learning how it work and what can I do with it. I really fell deeply inlove with it to a point that I can't even stop learning new things about it everyday. It's not hard to learn if you are really keen.

How did I start my career?

It all began with self teaching, It is never too late to start learning anything you want, I had to stop wasting my time on social media and use my data for something useful and which would give me a bright future. It is all posible but not easy, It all needs motivation.

What motivate me to work hard?

Loving what I do keeps me going, knowing where the future is heading keeps me going, knowing how I can make people's lives much easier keeps me going and lastly, knowing that I can never go wrong with technology keeps me growing.

A Few Facts About Me

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